Gun Mayhem Unblocked

Arm up and shoot to kill in Gun Mayhem. Play by yourself or with up to three other friends in this pvp-style online game. Featuring a wide variety of ways to play, including a campaign mode and custom game mode, this action packed shooting game is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

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How to Play

When you begin the game, the main menu screen offers players with a multitude of choices including beginning the campaign mode, creating a custom game, viewing the gun library, as well as options settings.

The campaign mode is where you begin to work your way through each level of the game. By completing campaigns, you can unlock other campaigns as well as fill your library of guns full of awesome weapons. Players can also play a customized game with up to four of their friends in the custom game option.

The options panel allows players to customize their hotkeys. Customizable hotkey options are available for up to four players, allowing players to play with their friends on the same computer. Unlike in other games that allow players to customize hotkey settings, in Gun Mayhem, players can click on the image of the directional button on the screen, then select the key they wish to use for that direction on their keyboard in order to set up their hotkeys how they see fit. In addition, the options panel also allows players to toggle on or off the music and sound effect as well as adjust the game’s quality to help reduce lag.

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Gun Library

The gun library offers dozens of guns to choose from, all categorized into six different categories.

  • SMG’s category offers 14 different guns; five of which players will need to unlock in order to use.
  • Snipers category offers 14 sniper rifles to choose from; five of which players will need to unlock.
  • Shotguns category also offers 14 guns, five of which will need to be unlocked.
  • ARs/LMGs category also offers 14 guns with five guns that players will have to unlock.
  • The Specials category only lists one gun, which does not need to be unlocked.
  • The Handguns category offers six different guns, all of which are accessible.

gun mayhem

Custom Game Mode

In the custom game mode, players can play against up to three of their friends. There are five different field maps that players may select, with each map offering different rules, skills, and rewards.

  • Last Man Standing – A free for all mode where all four players fight against each other in a pvp playstyle.
  • Last Man Standing (Team Mode) – Similar to the Last Man Standing map, except this time you’re playing 2 vs. 2.
  • Duck Survival – Playable alone or with a friend. Your objective is to stay alive for as long as possible while picking up random weapons from the weapons boxes.
  • Gun Game – The first player to achieve one kill with each of the weapons wins the game.
  • 1 Hit 1 Kill – You’re equipped with the most powerful weapon in the game, and are tasked with killing all of the enemy targets. Keep a close eye on your ammunition, though. You only have 5 shots, so make them count!

New and Improved!

Due to popular demand, Gun Mayhem is now available in an unblocked version. This allows players to play the game on any computer, from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the game while at school, home, or at the office. Play Gun Mayhem today!