Gun Mayhem Games

Gun Mayhem is a fantasy shooting game where you have to battle it out against your enemies. There are various games like gun mayhem based on the same concept. In this game, the enemies can be other players or the computer AI. There are various levels in this game and the options to the players and the difficulty increase as you go up.

Gun Mayhem 1

Gun Mayhem 1 is the first version of this shooting game. It has the basic four game modes namely Last Man Standing, Duck survival, Gun game and 1 Hit 1 Kill. When you click on the Gun Library option from the game screen, you will be able to view the sixty different firearms. These are categorized into different sections and clicking on a firearm will give you good details about the particular weapon.

Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is the second version of this fantasy shooting game. It has additional game modes (around seven) and a larger weapon library. At the start of the game, you will be on a platform with the opponents also present on the nearby platforms. In this version, you can collect power-ups. The environment or the maps available are many including the basic 12 maps.

Gun Mayhem 3

This features around 29 different weapons and fifteen levels of game play. There are three modes namely campaign, survival and death match. In the campaign mode, you can unlock characters and weapons by defeating the boss character in each area. In the survival mode, you have to defeat as many enemies as you can in the given time. The death match mode is greatly customizable and gives you a lot of options.

gun mayhem

Gun Mayhem 5

In this version of the shooting game, there are four survival modes – survival mode, zombie survival, super survival, stinky bean survival. You can create your preferred character by clicking on the character creation option in the main menu. You can use the arrow keys W, A, S and D for moving the player up, left, down and right. The keys E and Q can be used to move through your weapon collection and you can use the mouse to aim and fire.

Number of players

All of the Gun Mayhem levels support multi player modes. Up to four players can be involved in any game. All four players can also play from a single machine by setting up the game controls according to convenience. Even though it supports multi player mode, you can enjoy being the single real player in the game. It is possible to customize and select the number of players. If you are a single player, you can choose the opponents to be AI based.

Game controls

The game is played using the keyboard buttons. The key controls used for movement and attacks are similar across the various levels of the game.

Right arrow key will move the player to the right.

Left arrow key will move the player to the left.

Up arrow key will help the player to jump.

Down arrow key will get the player down and shield yourself from the opponents attack. The buttons Z and X are used for attacking. When you have a weapon and want to drop it on to your opponent, you can press the key D.

The spacebar button will pause the game.