Gun Mayhem 6

Gun Mayhem 6 is a platform shooting game with lots of thrill for players. It is a game that involves lots of tactics in destroying enemies who are more powerful with latest advancements. There are different modes to play and players can get in through different modes and try before they get started with any mode of game.

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Winning conditions of each level differ and players need to look forward at each stage to beat opponent and come up to the next level. As players destroy opponents, they move further in the levels and can choose characters and weapons accordingly. It is interesting to find different types of weapons and use them. Many players choose guns that they find powerful and impressive. It is always much exciting to know what each gun has and how it functions in a different way to destroy the opponents. It is a success for the layers if he kills his enemies as soon as possible in all levels and keep going.

At each level, the player has to know what the winning condition is. As he finds it, he can make use of the characters and weapons to destroy any boss or opponents. The player has to kill all opponents and then the boss. At each stage it is important to kill the boss to get to the next level.

Control Keys

Gun Mayhem 5 allows players to make use of different keys to control the function

W – Up or jump

A – move left

S – block or down

D – move right

E, Q – change guns

P – pause

Mouse – aim and shoot

>> Click Here To Play Gun Mayhem 6 <<

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In campaign mode, players have the option to design the character. Also, players can form their teams and assign settings and controls. Players have the option to edit the controls of other players who join them. Also character setting can be made anytime. The options key allows players to find combination of control keys for players. Players can check out gins available, usage of guns and test all guns by getting into the gun library.

The fighting arena is excellent giving a battle feel to players. Visual effects make the game much impressive. Sounds are good and players have enough options for support. The game is all about tactics and attacking opponents in the best way as quick as possible.

Lots and lots of people take interest in playing Gun Mayhem 6 these days. It is good to enter online and read reviews about the game and choosing to play the game in different websites. With wide options and control settings, players can really feel the gaming thrill. Players who love action do have some choice in choosing and designing characters for the campaign mode. It looks attention-grabbing for players when they form teams and attack the opponents who are more powerful with weapons.

As there are lots of websites that offer shooting games for free, it is good to check out an ideal website that offers reliable and secured gaming options. Beginners can start with the basic modes of play and then get into other modes. When they find the levels easier, they get complete exposure and love playing this kind of games in different setups. Each game has a different arena feel and it is really stormy when shooting with variety of guns.