Gun Mayhem 2

Gun Mayhem 2 is a virtual shooting game where you have to kill all your opponents and escape their shots so as to succeed. When the game starts, you will be standing on a platform and the opponents will also be around on the same platform or on different platforms. You have the option to collect the power-ups. These additional points will give you a great boost so that you can pass through the harder levels.

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Menu Options

When you start the game, the game screen has a few options displayed.

Campaign – Here you get to play a series of challenges against AI. There are different challenges available which might get unlocked as you play more and gather more points.
Custom – Here you can customize the game to a greater extent. Up to four players can be involved in a single game. There are a total of seven modes available in this game. In all the modes, the player will get a total of 10 lives.
Challenges – In this option, you get to improve your skill on specific weapons as you can choose to take up different training challenges.
Weapon library – This is where all the weapons are listed. Once a weapon is chosen, you will be able to see the details of the particular weapon including damage, rate of fire, ammo capacity, recoil and weight. The weapons are categorized under SMGs, snipers, shotguns, LMGs and others.
Options – Here you will be able to choose the controls that will be used by the different players during game. You can also choose the quality of the game to be high, medium or low.
Credits – credits give you information on the designers of the game.

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Game Modes

In the Gun Mayhem 2, you get a few additional game modes than the first version.

Last Man Standing – The last player who is alive wins the game. All players can get to use crates and pickups.
Last Team Standing – The last team of players who are alive wins the game. Instead of battling out as individuals, players can group up as teams.
Survival – The player who survives the longest wins. Each player gets only 5 lives and the game gets increasingly difficult as time goes.
1 Hit 1 Kill – In this mode, you have to avoid getting hit by the de-materializer. You will get to choose the powerful ammunition but once hit by the de-materialiser, there is no chance of survival.
Gun Game – you have to use as many weapons as possible and kill your opponents with each of the guns. As you kill the opponents, you will get better weapons as you go.
Gun Game Reversed – This works on a reverse concept of gun game mode. In this mode, you will start the game with the most powerful weapon, but as you kill opponents, you will get to use weaker weapons.
Jetpacks – This is similar to the last man standing, but in addition to the standard format, all players are given jetpacks. The recharging for the jetpack fuel is slow.

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There are two selections of maps you can choose from. One section is the classic maps and the other is new maps. The classic maps section has the same selection that is available in the first version of the game. The new maps section has 9 more additional maps. You can also choose to use random option where you will get random choices.