Gun Mayhem 1

Gun Mayhem 1 is a shooting game where you have to battle with the AI of the computer or with other players. This is the basic version in the series of Gun Mayhem games. You can choose different weapons, maps and the game modes to keep the game interesting for a long time. You can also choose the player’s characteristics and costumes to your liking from the different options provided. In this game, up to four players can be involved in a single game.

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gun mayhem 1

Single Player Mode

You can enjoy this game all by yourself if you do not have friends to share the game with at the moment. You have the option to choose the player setup and toggle between human and AI. As you battle it out against the AI players in the single player mode, you can jump to higher levels as you gain scores.

Multi player mode

This game is perfectly suited for a group of friends to play together. Four persons can play this game on a single computer. The controls can be customized and chosen according to the convenience of each player.


There are a total of 60 different firearms that you can choose from. The Gun Library option can be chosen from the game screen to choose a different weapon. When you choose a weapon, the details about the weapon including its damage, ammo capacity, recoil and weight are displayed. You can test the weapon before choosing it.

Controls To Be Used

You can customize the controls that can be used during play. The readily available controls for the first player are as follows.

Left arrow key to move left

Right arrow key to move right

Up arrow key to jump up

Down arrow key to jump down

[ key to shoot and ] to throw bombs.

Upto four players can be involved in a single game using the same computer. Hence keys in different portions of the keyboard are allocated to the different players. By clicking on the options menu on the game screen, you will be able to customize the controls.

>> Click Here To Play Gun Mayhem 1 <<

gun mayhem

Game Modes

There are four unique game modes that you can choose from.

Last Man Standing – In this mode, all the players can pick the weapons up in crates and the last man to be alive wins the game. A team game of this mode play is also available where players fight it out as teams.

Duck Survial – In this mode, random weapons can be picked up from the random weapon box. You can play this as a single player or along with friends.

Gun game – In this mode, once a player gets a kill with all weapons, he is declared the winner.

1 Hit 1 Kill – Even though you will get 10 lives like all other modes, you get only 5 shots per life. But the advantage is that you get to use the most powerful firearm.


The game environment varies depending on the map selection you make. In this shooting game, you can choose one of the 12 different maps or you can go with a random choice. The 12 maps available in this game are

–        Safari showdown

–        Grim city

–        Polar pwnage

–        Midnight wood

–        Hovering houses

–        Desert destruction

–        Magic mushroom mountain melee

–        Great wall brawl

–        Solar shootout

–        Underwater slaughter

–        Dessert duel

–        No name